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What is Poster Printer?

Poster Printer is a convenient and money saving photo printing software that allows anyone to make large size photo posters, wallpapers and murals. From a home or office printer and Windows run computer, printing a poster is now made easy and you no longer need to use complicated software tools. Just choose an image, photograph or paste data from clipboard, and then simply specify the size you want. Photo poster software does the rest.

Using the poster making software, photos and murals are quickly printed on regular sized paper. There is no reason to spend extra money and time searching for specific paper sizes, or having to buy specialized printers for larger paper prints. The software is compatible with all well-known printer brands. The carefully designed program takes control of all technical specifications, then prints the finished product on as many A3, A4 or A5 pieces of paper the software has automatically calculated. Take the finished project and assemble the poster using glue or adhesive tape and voil?! The big photo is complete!

Having simple poster creating software will give you an endless supply of projects to do, from family photograph collages to banners for school, an anniversary or a party. Posters can become family photos, campaign advertisements, or even large-scaled picture-like paintings! Photo posters bring new opportunities to the interior design of your home or office, and will allow you to express your own creativity and imagination. Have fun making poster size prints and enjoy sharing them!