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User interface at a glance

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface of the application allows you to preview the end result while creating a document.

The Main Application window

The Main Application window consists of the following parts:

Main menu

The Main menu contains commands providing access to application functions.

The following groups of commands are available:

Popup menu

The popup menu is an additional menu duplicating commands of the main menu for operations with objects.

To display the popup menu, right-click the document area.

Pasteboard area

The pasteboard area is a work area of the software containing visible and invisible parts of the document.

Document area

The document area is a work area of the software containing only a part of the document which is visible.


Rulers are used for measuring. See Using design aids for more info.


Toolbars are intended for quick access to commands of the Main menu.

The following toolbars are available:

Properties Editor

The Properties Editor shows information about currently selected objects. See Editing object properties for more info.

Status bar

The status bar displays information about the document and the cursor; contains design aid control tools. See Using design aids for more info.

Zoom bar

The zoom bar is intended for quick document zooming. See Zooming a document for more info.

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