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Welcome to the RonyaSoft Affiliate Center!

Do you have a popular website that already generates a lot of traffic or is targeted toward computer users interested in software? Our affiliates typically direct traffic from their own websites to for their visitors to be able to download and purchase our products. When a customer pays for the product, we share our commission rate with them. To direct traffic, a link or a banner is simply published on affiliate websites. Each of these links sets a cookie on the user's computer, which means that once the user visits our site from an affiliate link, the affiliate will get credited even if that customer buys the product some other time, coming directly to our site.

Benefits of our Affiliate program

  • 30% commission rate for all sales generated.
  • Free from any customer service, post sales support.
  • Secure payment via PayProGlobal.
  • Real-time sales tracking reports.
  • Free and easy sign-up.

Note: Our commission rate is flexible and can be changed without prior notice.

Sign Up

  1. Register as an affiliate for RonyaSoft.
  2. Generate an affiliate link in your Affilate Control Panel.
  3. Publish the affiliate link on you site.
  4. Get paid every time a customer buys our product from your page.

Become our Affiliate and start making money!

Contact information

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to e-mail us at e-mail.